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  • Short Term Rentals - I applaud our owners who properly manage their STRs and respect their neighbors - however, we do have many STR owners who are out of state and/or who do not employ local managers and do not properly screen their renters - we have residents who are held hostage in their home by uncaring short term renters on both sides of them - the Police and our CDS Department should not be wasting time handling complaints - I endorse a basic ordinance regulating and registering STRs and encourage the responsible STR owners to work with Council to write an ordinance that takes care of the bad apples, protects our residents and does not unduly hurt the responsible owners.
  • Septics - Bella Vista is about 80% septic systems - I worked for almost a year to assist Bella Vista in passing an ordinance to prevent builders from building mostly 4 bedroom homes on two bedroom septic systems and selling them to unsuspecting buyers - this continues to be a problem for renovations of existing homes and surely needs to be addressed
  • Internet -many areas in Bella Vista do not have Internet services available through normal cable or fiber optics - we should continue to work with our Northwest Arkansas neighbors to solve this problem  
  • Trails – Bella Vista has a wealth of common land – I endorse plans to expand opportunities for our walkers and bikers, while respecting personal property rights and fiscal issues
  • The 3 legged stool – The City of Bella Vista, the BVV POA and Cooper must get on the same page regarding goals for Bella Vista and move forward in open communication and cooperation.
  • Costs versus services – the City needs to pursue a delicate balance between offering required and requested services and maintaining fiscal responsibility – this is most important for fire, police and EMT services  and also for road maintenance
  • Revenue – the City needs to carefully explore ways to increase its commercial tax base while providing opportunities for business development without compromising the quality of life for our residents.
  • The Building Process –I encourage the continuing of current efforts to streamline the complicated building process that includes the City, the ACC, the POA Water Department and potentially Village Wastewater - 
  • A Center – I often have people coming in to Acorn Realty asking where Bella Vista is – the lack of a Center, a main gathering point, a town square location is confusing to folks – such a Center would give us a better identity
  • Residential and commercial choices – through my involvement with the Bella Vista Business Association I continue to hear that we need more commercial space, yet a lot of the current space sits vacant – where are the needs not being met?  I would also like to see a greater variety of residential choices including co-housing, walkable cottage clusters (a la Ross Chapin) and mixed commercial/residential where folks can walk to neighborhood amenities – of particular interest to me is a live/work neighborhood where artists can live and have their studios - we also need a quality motel and  hotel/conference center and perhaps a retreat center in Bella Vista
  • Comprehensive ordinances, documents and maps review -   when the City started, ordinances from other places were used – a comprehensive review of our current ordinances, zoning maps etc is underway to insure that they are indeed what is best for Bella Vista – and that all documents and maps are consistent with each other - "stupid" ordinances need to go away
  • Amenities -Why doesn’t the City take over the POA amenities in a Parks and Rec department ?  Aside from the legal roadblocks to accomplishing this, let’s look at the financial situation.  Currently all the POA amenities and the 12000 acres of common land are subject to property taxes which go to the County, School District and the City.  Should those properties be City owned, they would no longer be taxable and our real estate taxes would need to go up to compensate for that revenue loss.  In addition, the franchise fees and sales taxes paid to the City would go away. Total loss would exceed $240,000 a year. The City cannot legally collect Homeowners Association dues.  To maintain these properties and amenities, none of which operate at a profit, the City would have to raise their taxes almost 20 mils.  For a house that is assessed at $100,000 that would be an increase of $360 per year in addition to the needed increase for the lack of property taxes and other revenue above.  City Council can only raise taxes 5 mils without the vote of the people. Remember that the City is bigger than the Bella Vista Village POA, and those folks would need to vote for this tax increase.  I am not sure the City would want to take on this potential liability.








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